Automation of media purchases

Simplify your media purchases thanks to programmatic !

This innovative technique uses algorithms to automate your media purchases. While helping you save on management fees and overhead costs, this strategy helps you target your selected audience more effectively.

Reach your potential customers via:

  • display banners 
  • interstitial banners
  • native ads
  • videos
  • Reduce media costs
  • Eliminate administrative costs
  • Reach precisely your audience
  • Collect audience data

High definition targeting

Maximise your media purchase with precise targeting. Thanks to data that accurately matches your audience, you can easily optimize the performance and results of your campaigns. Take part in the digital marketing revolution!


Data usage

Access highly effective 1st party data to target your audience. Our exclusive solution will help you reach your customers according not only to their demographic, geographic, contextual and interests profiles, but also utilising data from proven data partners.  You will also be able to collect highly relevant data about your audience.

Our privileged partnerships with data providers are now at your fingertips!

30 millions active cards in Canada. Target according to :
  • Purchase story
  • Purchase value
  • Purchase frequency
  • Purchase location, etc.

Important collection and data analysis firm.

  • Collects survey data
  • Collects data from 100 sources
  • Targeting by potals codes and FSA’s
  • Data usage for impression delivery

2nd largest website designer for car dealers in Canada.

  • Cookie usage
  • Browsing history data usage
  • Reach active users in the automobile industry

Data Management Platform

  • Storage and data analysis
  • Look alike modeling
  • Trading location with Lotame partners
  • Useful data access for your industry